Severe Weather Awareness Week: Flash Flooding

A flash flood is a rapid flooding of low-lying areas in less than six hours caused by intense rainfall from an individual or group of thunderstorms.

Because people underestimate the power of water, most flooding fatalities in the U.S. occur when people drive into flood waters.

Six inches of fast-moving water can knock you off of your feet. A foot of water will float many vehicles. Two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles including SUVS and pickups.

If flooding or flash flooding occurs in your area, it's important to use extreme caution.

Never attempt to drive through a flooded road. The depth of water is not always obvious. The road bed may be washed out under the water and you could be stranded or trapped.

Do not drive around a barricade. Don't ignore them by driving past them. Turn around and go the other way.

And be especially cautious driving at night when it's harder to recognize flood dangers.

When you see flood waters ahead: TURN AROUND, DON"T DROWN!