Several road improvements underway in North Myrtle Beach

Just when one project is finishing up in North Myrtle Beach, more are right behind.

"That's the headache we have to go through sometimes," said James B. Bryant of Horry County, as he sits in his car.

He's waiting at the intersection of 6th Avenue South and Highway 17, an intersection known in North Myrtle Beach to have congestion.

"It's been off and on all my life," said Bryant when talking about the city's traffic.

The city will soon wrap up the $6.2 million widening project on Highway 17, but it's already started construction on other projects.

"We've got several things going on in the near future," said North Myrtle Beach spokesman Pat Dowling. "We're doing intersection improvement projects throughout the city over a ten to fifteen year period, and we'll do the same thing on Ocean Boulevard as well."

The first intersection the city will work to improve is 6th Avenue South and Highway 17.

Monday, city contractors worked on replacing underground water lines and storm drainage systems, installing traffic turning lanes and removing utility poles because underground electricity has already been installed.

These four improvements at the intersection are a part of one project, which is expected to be done by March 31.

Sunday, North Myrtle Beach started a project that will pave 15 city streets. That project is ongoing with no immediate finish date.

These projects will not cause much more traffic, said Dowling. "They really won't cause much congestion. They'll always be lanes open and if lanes are not open, especially with the 15 street projects, there are plenty of streets to get around on."

Getting around is something Bryant, the long-time resident, has been forced to do for sometime. "In order for it to get better, it's going to have to get worse for a minute. So we are hopefully going through the storm, and once the storm is finished, hopefully it will make things much better."

The 6th Avenue South intersection construction in North Myrtle Beach is expected to cost $650,000. The 15 street paving will cost the city $915,000.