Seven students expected to be charged after break-in at Kingstree Senior High School

Kingstree Senior High School. (GoogleEarth)

Seven students are expected to be charged in connection with a burglary that happened last weekend at Kingstree Senior High School, according to Kingstree Police Chief James Barr.

Barr said the students will be charged with burglary, second degree.

He added students spray painted vulgar pictures, language, messages and gang signs inside and outside the school.

The culprits also trashed the bathroom with toilet tissue.

Barr believes as many as 13 students were involved.

He said at this point he can put seven of them inside the building at the time of the incident.

Some have said it was all just a senior prank and the students shouldn't be treated like hardened criminals.

Barr said he's heard rumblings that it could have been a prank, but can't confirm it.

He added the district has indicated it wants all involved prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Barr said some of the students involved have been suspended from school pending expulsion hearings.

The damage could be in excess of $20,000, Barr said.

Barr thinks they were able to get inside the facility through a window.

He said he isn't sure why the school's security system didn't activate.

This investigation is ongoing.

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