Senior citizens create a neighborhood crime watch

The Woodhaven community of Latta is the lates

t neighborhood
to organize a crime watch. The community has been around for 42 years and mainly consists of senior citizens.

In recent months, homes ha


been burglarized, cars and mailboxes vandalized and some utility poles ripped from the ground.

The residents say they got tired of all the problems, so they thought it would be wise to start a neighborhood watch.

"We begin to be our brother's keepers. And that's what we going to continue from time to time," said Herbert Bethea.

"I'm proud of my neighbors. I'm glad I can leave and go visit my children without worrying about my home


ecause I know they have a watching eye on it for me, " said Lois Davis.

The Sheriff's Office says its helped to establish

25 crime watch neighborhood organizations in the past five years.

They believe it's making a difference in the communities.

"These neighborhood watch organizations that we already have in place,and the ones that are organizing are really go


be a big help in helping us do our job," said Dillon County Sheriff Major Hulon.

"They didn't stand around and point fingers and say you know look at what's happening, its so sad to see the neighborhood go down. They got involved," said Brenda Campbell, Dillon County Sheriff's Office.

Woodhaven has applied for it's 501c3 status so it can be eligible for grants to improve lighting around the community.

They hope to have more crime watch signs in the coming months.