Senator Sheheen talks small business success

Lowering small business property tax, and making workforce training more available are two of the goals Senator Vincent Sheheen is working toward.

"I know what it's like to meet a payroll, I know what it's like to pay that high level of property taxation; to make sure that we're there to help the small business people, not be a hindrance to job growth," said South Carolina Senator Vincent Sheheen, (D) District 27.

Sheheen, who's a business owner himself, toured Wild Creations on Wednesday to see how the small business remains successful.

"You never really create the job growth you need in the state unless you focus on your small businesses," said Sheheen.

Sheheen and CEO of Wild Creations, Peter Gasca, agree that one way for businesses to remain thriving includes selling to a larger market.

"We don't sell directly to Myrtle Beach. We're based in Myrtle Beach, but we're a wholesaler, so we service the entire North American continent all over America, and Canada," said Gasca.

Sheheen and Gasca believe thinking out of the box keeps the consumer buying more products, and one product Gasca makes can only be bought from his manufacturer, he says.

"It's a frog aquarium, but because of the products we put in it, we actually make a full scale self-contained ecosystem out of that," said Gasca.

The aquarium never has to be cleaned out.

"Those are the kinds of things we need to be doing in South Carolina, things that are different from other places in the country," said Sheheen.

Sheheen says small businesses need to be focused on more heavily since they remain to be the backbone of the economy.

Senator Sheheen's small business listening tour is a three-week effort that includes plant tours, small business site visits, meetings and public discussions.