See a UFO along the coast? There's an app for that

Seeing unexplainable events is sort of the norm along the Grand Strand, and now software makers want to make sure your sighting doesn't go unnoticed.

An appropriately named iPhone application, called UFOaholics allows eyewitnesses to post photos and videos to its database.

From that database, skeptics and believers can disprove or agree that something unexplainable was caught on record.

"It came here from right up in the sky here and it had a nice trajectory and went straight down over the top of this house here," said UFO witness Joe Kiernan as he points to sky. "Right over the top of these trees and I couldn't see it anymore."

Kiernan, a Longs resident, said the experience that lasted about three hours Wednesday night changed his life.

"It's an absolute game changer. There is something else flying in the sky."

What his eyes could see and the quality of what his cameras recorded were light years apart, Kiernan said.

But he did catch one tiny glimpse of what happened on his daughter's iPhone.

"You can't hide anymore that's a fact," said paranormal investigator Stephen Lancaster.

He believes the app will make talking about UFO's more acceptable, but he warns of the fakes and phonies.

"Anything on the electronic medium a photograph be manipulated rather easily, and even film now-a-days, a teenager behind a computer can make anything look really cool in photoshop," said Lancaster.

"Most of the case findings around that (coastal) area are reported by tourists," said South Carolina Mutual UFO Network(MUFON) Director Cheryl Ann Gilmore. "The Air Force does military exercises out of the ocean, and a majority of the time that's what people see."

A Shaw Air Force Base official told Newschannel 15 there were no training missions along the coast Wednesday night.

"I was all over my neighborhood. I must have looked crazy running around here with cameras," said Kiernan.

The UFOaholic app is relatively new with just a handful of sightings spotted in the United States so far.