Second annual Salt Games in Myrtle Beach wrap up Sunday

Competitors at the 2nd Annual Salt Games in Myrtle Beach

The Salt Games in Myrtle Beach wrap up Sunday night around 6 p.m. with more competition and live entertainment.

Sunday's competitions included weight-lifting, stationary rowing and volleyball.

Organizers said the competitions are made up mainly of amateur athletes, although there are some professionals.

Amellia Diemer, Marketing and Events Director for Native Sons, explained that the event has seen a lot of growth, in just the two years that it's been around.

The event saw nearly 200 more competitors in 2014. It's grown so much that organizers had to move it from Plyler Park, where it was held in 2013, to the former pavilion site in 2015.

"We kind of expanded everything. We had such great feedback and great feedback from the attendees and the competitors that we knew the event was going to grow. We knew we were going to get more people. The interest was there so the event grew. The city was behind us on it, we have a lot of support from them," Diemer explained.

Diemer added that she hopes to turn the event into a three or four day competition in the future. She said part of the reason for the growth is a higher number of people adopting to a healthier, fitness-oriented lifestyle. "Especially in Myrtle Beach, the health trend and people looking for healthier options and a healthier lifestyle has become real obvious and especially down here at the beach. Even the surfing, there's a lot healthy sporty people down here. You know, we're kind of bringing light to that."

Some of the money raised supports the Surfrider Foundation, a nonprofit environmental group working to protect and enhance beaches.