Search for human remains at Windsor fire site is over

It took more than 48 hours after the fire was called in, but the search for human remains is over. All Windsor Green residents are accounted for.

But recovery crews continue to sift through the rubble, making their way slowly through the remnants of 26 buildings.

"We're shooting for anywhere between 6 to 8 buildings a day," said Sgt. Robert Kegler of Horry County Police Dept. "It's a very long process, so we're looking at a couple days time frame here."

An urban search and rescue team based in Columbia brought its cadaver dogs to the site Monday. The USAR team did a primary sweep of each building, followed by the recovery crews.

But USAR is more of a building collapse team. The state of the debris at the Windsor Green made the team's search more difficult.

"Here we have several stories compacted in ashes, so we're using floor plans to identify what part of the structures we need to concentrate on," said USAR team director Daniel McManus.

The crews at the site are now searching for belongings, anything valuable that might have belonged to the people who lived there.

"It is all being collected by Horry County police and it will be in the custody of our evidence and property section," Kegler said.

Valuables recovered from the site will be separated by building and victims will be able to claim them once the search is over.