Search continues for missing 19-year-old Zachary Malinowski

The search for Zachary Malinowski continues, with volunteers and his stepfather combing the woods north of Conway Tuesday.

Malinowski was last seen August 25.

His burned-out car was found last week off Valley Forge Road.

That's where volunteers from CUE, the Community United Effort team, gathered to map their latest search.

Malinowski's stepfather says he has his own theories - that he's not yet ready to share - about what happened to his stepson.

"As it's coming to light, we're learning more. There's a lot of activity with law enforcement and they seem to be making a lot of progress. I'm very hopeful," said Jordan.

However, Horry County police tell NewsChannel 15 they have no solid leads in the case.

Malinowski's family says a rumor went around the area that a body was found in a lake nearby. It's not true, but Malinowski's mother fears the false lead has discouraged volunteers from showing up to aid in the search.

As they go through the woods, the searchers will be looking for anything out of the ordinary that looks like it might not belong there. If they find something, they say they'll call it into police and then let law enforcement decide if it's pertinent to the case.

"We are asking that the community search their own properties, their personal property, to if they see anything out of the ordinary that they would call and report it, because that can be very helpful," said Christy Davis, CUE's Florida coordinator, who led Tuesday's search.

The volunteers came from Florida, Texas, New Jersey and several other states, Davis said.

They searched on horseback, on foot and often guided by trained dogs, while dodging bugs and poison ivy.

Davis says each day they begin by thinking today will be the day they find something.

"You always come into it hoping that it's going to be quick and you're going to find some resolution for the family," said Davis.

All the while, Jordan says Malinowski's family vows to not give up.

"We're going to bring him home, yes."