School tightening security after Sandy Hook

An elementary school that previously allowed parents and family members to walk freely through the hallways before and after school is changing its policy after 26 people were killed in a Connecticut school shooting.

On December 14, Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School after forcing his way into the school's building, according to police.

This week, in response to the massacre, Loris Elementary School Principal Mark Porter announced the school is taking steps to make sure students stay safe.

Parents were allowed "unchecked access" to the hallways and students before classes began and after school let out, said Porter.

"We think that this unchecked access leaves us too vulnerable, providing an easy entry method for any person who could come to our schools in order to do harm to our students and teachers," Porter said.

Starting Tuesday January 22, "The school will no longer allow parents, guardians, or any other visitor to walk students to their classrooms or be able to go beyond the front office area during the morning arrival time," Porter announced via a Facebook post.

Parents must check-in at the front desk now anytime they visit the school.

Parents and visitors will receive a pass to go to their specific location.

Porter asked parents for their understanding that school shootings "forever have changed how we must do business."

The school plans to make exceptions for extraordinary circumstances, such as students with severe disabilities.