School district moves bus stop location from behind strip club

Parents of kids having to wait at a school bus stop in the parking lot of a strip club are relieved Thursday, after learning the Horry County School District has decided to relocate the stop.

Wednesday night, NewsChannel 15 told you about a bus stop at 4th Street and 30th Avenue South in Atlantic Beach. That stop is between two parking lots and sits directly behind a strip club.

"I had to explain to my four-year-old what topless was," Misty Umphries said.

The mother of four waits with her children at the bus stop every morning. Windy Prince, a mother of three, also says the bus stop shouldn't be where it is.

"I don't want my children being picked up behind that. I'm not knocking what they do, but I just don't think it's appropriate," she said.

Even Joey Zilker, who works at the club, agreed. "I liked to stand on the side of my club, but as far as being behind it to get on the school bus, it's ridiculous," he said.

At the time of Wednesday's story, Horry County School's Transportation Director Jim Wright said the stop was where it because the district had to accommodate four blocks with one bus stop, so the central location was the intersection.

The parents suggested moving the bus stop a few blocks south to 32nd Avenue South, where a community center with a playground is.

Wright originally expressed concern that some children would have to walk a farther distance to get to that stop.

Thursday morning, NewsChannel 15 learned the school district decided to create two separate bus stops in the area, neither at the strip club. About the change, Wright said, "The stop was closer to where they live, and it didn't interfere with the route of the bus. So there was no reason not to change it."

We'll let you know what the parents are saying about the change as soon as we talk with them.