School brawl prompts extra police on campus

Ten Lumberton police officers spent Wednesday at Lumberton High School, after a school brawl broke out on Tuesday in the bus parking lot, according to Sgt. Peter Locklear.

Police arrested five teenage boys and charged them with Disorderly Conduct by Fighting.

They're out of jail on a $500 bond.

Two boys initiated the fight and Locklear says their relatives joined in. Police are investigating to see if the melee was gang related.

About 16 other students were suspended from school for running to the fight, screaming and inciting more trouble, Locklear added.

He says there were no problems at Lumberton High Wednesday, but they didn't want to take any chances. Extra officers will be at the school for the rest of the week.

Locklear says teachers and other school staff are also on the alert for any problems and are instructed to notify police if they see something out of the ordinary.