School board member rallies to get prayer back in school

Pat Gibson Hye Moore, a school board member in Florence School District One, is on a crusade to see prayer is allowed back in school.

"We need to bring prayer back into school, bring devotionals back into school. Whatever it takes we need to do it. Teach our kids the 10 commandments, put morality back. We've just drifted away from everything that's important," said Moore.

Moore blames a surge in school violence on the lack of prayer in schools.

"We didn't have it before. We didn't have it. Fifty years ago, when prayer was in school, we didn't have what we have now. They took away the 10 commandments, they took away everything and all of this came into. Every time a child is slain down in the streets, in our schools we have lost a piece of our future," she said.

In 1962, the United States Supreme Court ruled that government sanctioned prayer in school violated the First Amendment.

Moore says she's ready to take on that Supreme Court ruling and is organizing several rallies and marches to do so.

"God, we need you. Our children need you. People please let's come together. Contact me. Let's organize. Let's mobilize. Let's bring God back into the live of our children."

Moore is no stranger to challenging the system.

She prays out loud during every school board meeting during the moment of silence, putting the district at risk of a possible lawsuit.

"It's a spirit within me. When I pray in there it's not that I'm that brave - that I just want to do that. It's something that won't let me stop. It's an assignment that I have to fulfill," she said.

Moore plans to meet with religious and community leaders, educators and parents across the Pee Dee to join her in her fight to get prayer back in school.