School board member hopes to put prayer back in school

Florence School District One board member Pat Gibson Hye-Moore prays aloud during every school board meeting despite the possibility of a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

"I continue to pray at our school board meetings . I don't care about the ACLU. I don't care about the Supreme Court. What's the most they can do? Put me in jail. And the nation will come out because we need to put prayer back into the lives of our children," said Pat Gibson Hye-Moore, Florence School District One Board Member.

Hye-Moore is holding a meeting at the Doctors Bruce and Lee Public Library in Florence Monday August 26 to start a movement to put prayer back in school.

"I know that people really want this. I get a lot of phone calls. I get stopped in stores all the time when I'm out in the street. People really want to see prayer back in schools."

Moore adds that she's networking with people in other states who plan to help her grassroots efforts.

The ACLU sued the Chesterfield County School District in 2011 over a Christian rally held at New Heights Middle School.

The organization said the rally violates the constitution.