School attire confusion causes headaches in Timmonsville

Several students in Florence School District Four, which includes Timmonsville schools, say they weren't allowed to attend class Monday and Tuesday because their shirts didn't have collars.

"I went to my first class and we got called out. My second class. She didn't even let us in. She locked the door and didn't let us in because we didn't have on the right shirt," said Shaquela Brown.

"Today, I had a quiz on my mission statement of the school. I feel as though that was not right of them to leave me out of class of the fact that I had on the wrong shirt. I'm missing all the stuff I need to graduate, even though I only need a few units to graduate. It's unfair to me and the other seniors that's out of class because of our shirts," explained Lorraine James.

Students and parents say the Timmonsville School Board excused high school students from wearing school uniforms but some parents found out last week at registration that students still have to wear shirts with collars.

By then, they say it was too late and they had already bought their children clothing for the school year.

"I'm very upset because our kids was put out of class from ninth grade to twelfth grade. They was telling us that the kids could wear regular clothes. Me and other parents try to make sure that was the rule before we went out school shopping," said Stephanie James.

Florence School District Four Superintendent Dr. Andre Boyd says it's a simple miscommunication issue.

Boyd says he wasn't aware of any students being kicked out of class for not wearing shirts with collars, but he can't say it didn't happen.

Dr. Boyd added they've re-worked the school's policy for the time being and students will be allowed to wear shirts without collars.

However, Boyd says the shirts must be appropriate. Meaning, the shirts can't be low cut, see through, revealing in any manner, or contain provocative or violent messages in writing.

Boyd made the point that their mission is to educate students and they will not let clothing stand in the way of a child's education.