SCDOT nearing completion of ice storm debris removal

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) says the removal of ice storm debris is nearing completion.

SCDOT's news release from March 14 notified the public that any storm related vegetative debris should be taken to the right-of-way no later than March 24 for pick-up by SCDOT and our contractors.

The debris removal operation will be complete by May 9 and include removal of all debris placed on the right-of-way prior to March 24. SCDOT will no longer be picking up storm-related vegetative debris from the roadside past beyond the May 9 completion date. At that point SCDOT Maintenance forces will focus their efforts on normal maintenance activities of the state highway system.

Disposal of vegetative debris from residential property will be the responsibility of the homeowner and should be accomplished in accordance with local laws and ordinances. SCDOT thanks the citizens of South Carolina for their cooperation and patience as SCDOT completes the recovery operation from the 2014 ice storm event.