Scammers target Grand Strand Hotel's with fake fliers

A flier slipped under a hotel room door could lead to identity theft.

The scam isn't new, but Grand Strand hotel owners are seeing it a lot more this year.

"If you just see a flyer that's up underneath you door, likelihood it might be a scam just trying to get your info," said Stephen Greene, president of the Myrtle Beach area hospitality association.

He says scammers are putting fliers under hotel room doors, tricking vacationers into giving their personal information.

If the flier advertises as a pizza restaurant, scammers will put a number and fake name on the flier, and sometimes even a fake address.

If you order a pizza, not only do you end up pizza-less, but you just gave your credit card information to a possible scammer.

Renee Rengers who's visiting Myrtle Beach says she hasn't been scammed, but has seen the fliers and understands how it could happen.

"They'll have normal prices, so it's not anything that's out of the ordinary. They have good prices and coupons, so it looks like a legit flyer," Rengers said.

She says while staying in Myrtle Beach she's rece


ved a lot of fliers throughout the day.

"We get pizza flyers once a day on our doors, maybe twice. We just usually throw them away," Rengers said.

Greene said there are actually two crimes happening; The theft of people's personal information, and trespassing on hotel property.

The hospitality association is working with municipalities to stop it.

"We're trying to assure that these guest and hoteliers know this is going on. They need to be aware of it," Greene said.

To protect yourself, gather all restaurant and attraction information from the front desk, look up restaurants online, or use a visitor's book which lists many of the local businesses.

Those distributing fliers illegally can be charged with a $500 fine, and, or, up to 30 days in jail. If the business is fake, additional criminal charges could be filed.