SC Superintendent of Education candidates battle it out in Myrtle Beach

SC Superintendent of Education candidates at a debate on Sunday in Myrtle Beach

Candidates running for South Carolina Superintendent of Education held an an hour-long debate in Myrtle Beach Sunday morning.

The event was held at the Marriott Grande Dunes and candidates were were asked questions from school board members from around the state.

Some of the issues brought up included educational funding, education standards and standardized testing.

Candidates include Republican Molly Spearman, Democrat Tom Thompson and Ed Murray, running for the American Party.

A number of attendees said the debates helped them answer some of their questions and concerns.

"They talked about different issues. I think the questions were particularly good. They were things that I wanted to hear answers for. Each one of the candidates has their own particular twist, their own particular ideas and they're sufficiently different I think to give us something to think about," said Anne Darby of Summerton, SC.

Margaret Mack said she had made a decision prior to the debate but explained that hearing what the candidates had to say made her reconsider. "They've all made me think and I've got to go back and look at my notes and really reconsider how I'm going to vote."

Nearly 400 people attended the debate.

Voters will head to the polls on November 4th.

The winning candidate will be sworn in and begin serving in January of 2015.