SC residents weigh in on Nikki Haley, economy

A poll taken by Winthrop University revealed a divided approval rating for South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

When asked if the participants approved or disapproved of the way Nikki Haley is handling her job as governor of South Carolina, respondents were almost evenly divided on the subject, with 37.3% of all respondents saying they approved of the governor's performance, while 36.5% reacted negatively.

Among Republicans and Independents who are registered voters and lean Republican, her approval rating is almost 60%, with one-in-five or 20.2% disapproving.

â??Polls go up and down. Governor Haley is focused on working hard every day to produce results for the people of South Carolina, and weâ??re thrilled that our citizens are starting to feel better about our local economy and our state â?? they deserve to be feeling better because South Carolina is once again on the move," said Rob Godfrey, Haley spokesman.

The poll also released information on how South Carolina residents view the current state of the economy.

Compared with results of the most recent Winthrop study in February, almost 25% more respondents say South Carolina is on the right track. Almost one-third fewer people identified jobs/unemployment as the #1 problem facing the U.S. and South Carolina. Nearly 20% more from the last poll feel the economy is getting better in SC.