SC judge: jury to decide dog mauling death charges

ST. GEORGE, S.C. (AP) - A South Carolina judge says there's

enough evidence for a jury to decide charges facing a man whose


-month-old son was dismembered and killed by the family dog while he slept nearby.

Magistrate Katrina Patton said Friday that whether 28-year-old

Quintin McGrew of Ridgeville put the baby at an

unreasonable risk

is a question for a jury. McGrew's attorney Andy Savage he's not

surprised the case will continue.

McGrew was charged by the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office

with unlawful conduct toward a child after the April

death of his

son Aiden. The boy was mauled by a dog the family had adopted six

days earlier.

Savage said the McGrews were being prosecuted because they were

among those working poor families who didn't

have a crib in their


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