SC gas prices lowest this year

AAA Carolinas is reporting the average gas price in South Carolina is at its lowest in 2013.

Gas prices in South Carolina average $3.09, compared to $3.25 a month ago and $3.51 a year ago.

The last time gas was cheaper in South Carolina was on Dec. 26, 2012, when prices averaged $3.08.

"Falling gas prices is great news for drivers," said David E. Parsons, President and CEO of AAA Carolinas. "We expect prices to continue trending downward, barring any major supply or distribution issues, such as tensions in the Middle East or a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico."

The dramatic drop in gas prices is a result of decreased demand due to the end of the summer driving season, refineries' switch to cheaper winter fuel blends and lower crude oil prices, according to AAA.

The agency says the federal government shutdown is also leading to a drop in prices. Because furloughed workers aren't commuting, there's a lower demand for gas.

AAA Carolinas expects that gas prices will continue to drop between now and Thanksgiving.

Myrtle Beach has the state's lowest average price for a gallon of gas at $3.05.

Charleston has the highest at $3.11.

Missouri has the cheapest gas in the country at $3.05.

South Carolina has the second-cheapest gas at $3.09.