SC Forestry Commission releases fire cause

Aerial view of the wildfire, Thursday April 23, 2009, that has burned 20,000 acres in Horry County. / Amanda Kinseth

The chief of the South Carolina Forestry Commission says a person burning yard debris caused the wildfire that has burned an estimated 20,000 acres of Horry County.

The fire has burned 69 homes and led to the evacuation of approximately 4,400 people.

The Forestry Commission first told NewsChannel 15 on Thursday that they had ticketed a person for a yard fire that burned on Saturday, April 18th.

The person was ticketed Thursday for failure to notify of an outdoor burn and for allowing the fire to spread.

Forestry Commission Forest Protection Chief, Darryl Jones confirmed Friday that they believe a rekindle of that fire turned into the wildfire that has now burned 31 square miles.

The person's name has not been released.