SC Forestry Commission arrests GA man on breach of trust

The South Carolina Forestry Commission arrested a man accused of failing to pay a subcontractor for planting trees on 605 acres he was overseeing for a client.

Green received more than $19,000 from a landowner to manage the reforestation of his land in Florence County, according to the warrant.

Green failed to pay when the work was completed. He owes the subcontractor more than $17,000.

Bibb County, GA, deputies arrested Green in Georgia on December 26, 2012 on the SC Forestry Commission's behalf.

Law enforcement personnel extradited Greene back to South Carolina on January 3.

Green is currently out of jail on bond awaiting trial.

He faces a maximum of ten years in jail and court-imposed fines, if convicted of the felony charge.

According to the SC Forestry Commission forest-related businesses impact the South Carolina economy by $17 billion annually and keep about 90,000 South Carolinians employed at above-average wages.