SC DOT, resident put up signs at troubled Pawleys Island intersection

UPDATE: On Tuesday, we reached out to Bethea at SCDOT. He originally said the department would have a decision made on the intersection by the end of last week. Tuesday he explained there is now no set date on any decision.

He added that SCDOT is concerned about the area's close proximity to a nearby light, saying that they will expand their study to look at nearby intersections. Bethea added that the decision to put a traffic light in that intersection has not been ruled out.

Two signs have been put up near the new Lowes Foods in Pawleys Island since we reported on one woman's concerns about the traffic changes to that area.

Nancy Crawford told WPDE's Marc Liverman on Monday that her son Justin Crawford was in a wreck on June 6 because a median lane that was once a place cars could wait to get in to oncoming traffic on Highway 17 is no longer there. It has been replaced with a left turn lane for drivers pulling in to the grocery store.

The State Department of Transportation has since erected a sign warning drivers that the median has been removed.

A home-made sign has also been put up.

Michael Bethea, of the South Carolina Department of Transportation, said they are still looking in to this issue and hope to have a decision made on possible changes to the road pattern by Friday.

Bethea said on Monday that the SCDOT was counting cars at peak times of the day in that area to see if the area met the volume needs for a traffic signal or some other kind of change.