Saundra Rhodes named Horry County Police Chief

Horry County Police Chief Saundra Rhodes/Horry County

At an Horry County Council meeting Tuesday, Saundra Rhodes was named the new Horry County Police Chief.

"I'm actually honored that they have enough confidence in me to perform the duties of this job," said Chief Saundra Rhodes.

Rhodes is the first woman to take this position, but she says she's more excited about the position than making history books.

"I'm just a police chief who happens to be a woman," said Rhodes.

Rhodes has been serving as the interim chief since February. She's been with the Horry County Police Department since 1993, and Sgt. Robert Kegler says he's happy she got the position.

"She's going on 20 years of law enforcement," said Kegler. "She's very qualified, and they made the right decision."

Since February, Rhodes has implemented new town hall style meetings with the public to hear residents' concerns about what they want from police.

"We want to be compassionate with the community," said Rhodes.

"We're getting involved with the community, and the community is getting involved with us," said Kegler. "Together we'll work to bring down the crime rate,"

The finalists for the job were Rhodes, Robert Mason, Chief of Police of Randolph Township in New Jersey and Mark Beach, Field Commander for the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, DC.

Rhodes replaces Johnny Morgan, who retired earlier this year.