Sales tax increase passed by Myrtle Beach city council

The sales tax is going up in Myrtle Beach this summer. Tuesday, city council approved a one-cent increase to the city's sales tax.

The extra penny will be used to pay for tourism marketing and property tax relief. People we talked with weren't exactly thrilled about the new tax.

"I think it sucks. (why's that?) Because it doesn't benefit me at all, its not sending any, not spending any tax money, its not advertising the county, its just advertising Myrtle Beach," said Johnny Jasper.

"I'm not against it, but I think its kind of unfair only charging in Myrtle Beach. It seems like we are targeting the tourists," said Linda Nichols.

The tax increase will take effect on August 1st.

It excludes items like gas and groceries.

Leaders say you'll see a break in your property tax after the second year of the sales tax.

We've set up a link to the city's breakdown on how it'll affect your property taxes, and you can find it below.

Check on your property tax break