Sailboat washes up on shore

Sunday, police blocked off a man made harbor when a sail boat ran aground in Horry County.

Cpl. Scott Kluska with Horry County police says the owner of the boat had it anchored out to sea for about three weeks, but last night the boat lost its anchor and washed up near Ocean Lakes.

The owner could face a citation for leaving the boat unattended, said Kluska.

The county citation is a misdemeanor. The man can be fined not less than $1,000 but no more than $5,000 or be imprisoned up to 30 days or both.

Thousands watched in amazement.

"It's funny," said onlooker Crystal Shea. "I feel bad. I would hate to be the guy. Stuck on the boat all day today."

"He's probably like I'm really embarrassed," said 11-year-old Hayden Williams. "He's really embarrassed."

Kluska said it's a 44-foot sail boat named "Together."

"We had boats float up several times just not this big," said Kluska.

Kluska said the tide was not able to get the boat offshore and the county is making arrangements to get the boat off the shore by Monday morning.

The man was in his boat before 8 a.m. Sunday morning and is refusing to come down.

Shea said she felt sympathy for the man.

"Especially with everyone gawking at him, I feel bad. I really do," Shea said while laughing.