Robots invade Myrtle Beach for three day competition

The 11th Annual Palmetto Regional First Robotics Competition wrapped up on Saturday at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

67 teams from across the globe competed in the three day event.

All of these teams had six weeks to put together a functioning robot, in an effort to teach high school students how to problem-solve as a team and a way to get students interested in pursuing degrees and careers in the STEM fields. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math.

Thirty nine teams were from South Carolina, and eight of them were from Horry County.

Horry County had the largest group of any county in the state, according to Jack Moore, Vice President and Event Coordinator for Peerless Technologies.

"We have a robotics program in every school in Horry County now, and it's just growing like crazy," Moore said. "It's a necessary thing to do, and we need scientists tomorrow ,and this is the way we do it."

For Dakota Brown, a junior at Hillcrest High School, this is a moment he looks forward to each year. His team, Flash1319, and the other teams competing even get into the spirit by wearing costumes that make their team stand out, and that also adds to the overall pageantry of the event.

"We like to show how proud we are of our teams. How glad we are to be here today and celebrate the fact that we have a robot working on the field, playing the game that we love," Brown said.

The Palmetto Regional First Robotics Competition will be held in Myrtle Beach again next year, according to Moore.

Each year more than 60,000 students who make up around 2,700 teams participate in competitions in the United States and in other parts of the world.