Robeson County man charged with double murder in deadly wreck

Robeson County man charged with double murder in deadly wreck (Robeson County District Attorney's Office)

Broderick Lamont Jones, 38, is charged and has been indicted on two counts of murder, felony death by vehicle, driving while impaired, reckless driving and driving wrong way in a crash that killed two teenagers earlier this year in Robeson County, according Investigator Erick Hackney with the Robeson County District Attorney's Office.

Hackney said, back on February 5, Jones was driving the wrong way on US 74 in Lumberton when he crashed into a car head-on.

Dana Michelle Wilson, 18, and Ryan Michael Menke, 18, were killed in the wreck.

Hackney said their investigation revealed that Jones had just a left a Superbowl party not long before the accident.

He said Wilson and Menke were dating and had just left their families in the Wilmington area. They were on their way home to Mecklenburg County where Ms. Wilson was a student at UNC-Charlotte, Hackney said.

Hackney said blood alcohol tests showed that Jones' blood alcohol concentration was twice the legal limit.

He said contributing factors against Mr. Jones relative to the collision are as follows:

  1. Going Wrong Way
  2. Operated vehicle in erratic, reckless,
  3. Careless, negligent or aggressive manner
  4. Alcohol use
  5. Exceeded authorized speed limit
  6. Use of Improper lane
  7. Inattention

“This has been an especially long and difficult case which resulted in the senseless death of two great kids who were only 18 years old. They had their whole lives to look forward to together, which was taken in a split second,” said Hackney.

Hackney added Jones’ driving history includes three 30-day suspensions for driving while intoxicated offenses; two in Robeson County (in 2000 and 2008)and the third in Scotland County in June 2016.

He said Jones also has one driving while license revoked offense in 2008.

Jones' criminal history includes convictions of assault inflicting serious injury, possession with intent to sell or deliver cocaine and possession with intent to sell or deliver marijuana, according to Hackney.

Jones appeared Tuesday morning before Superior Court Judge Frank Floyd who conducted the first appearance searing and set Jones’ bond at $222,500.

Jones’ half-brother, Walter Lee Bethea, who owned the vehicle Jones was driving at the time, was arrested last week and charged with permitting a motor vehicle to be operated without having financial responsibility, Hackney said.

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