Robber's Roost will soon get a new boost

A North Myrtle Beach Golf Course, now covered in weeds, is on the verge of getting a makeover.

Wednesday the North Myrtle Beach City Council met to amend an agreement with a company developing the new Coastal North Town Center.

"The landowner will build certain roads to be public roads and once they're built the city will take them over and maintain them,"said Pat Dowling, North Myrtle Beach Spokesman.

Billy Webb has been living in Fox Hollow since 2003 and says it's the friendliest and most quiet neighborhood around, and remembers when Robber's Roost Golf Course was up and running.

"It was an 18-hole golf course, it was a great golf course to play. Now, there's nothing there but weeds," said Webb.

That will soon change when the former Robber's Roost Golf Course becomes the New Coastal North Town Center.

A grocery store, pet supply and sporting good store are just some of the businesses expected to be apart of the new town center.

"That would be a good start maybe some parks; there are some areas out there with lakes we could have some nice walks around. Maybe a movie theater, some nice restaurants," said Webb.

People who live in Fox Hollow say they welcome the idea of buildings being built on what used to be Robber's Roost Golf Course, as long as it's done properly, and doesn't bring in a bunch of noise.

"That's the reason for the berms and the masonry walls around residential subdivisions that back up to it," said Dowling.

Dowling says they'll continue to work with residents to make sure it remains quiet.

City Council members will meet one more time to review the development agreement, and then at the end of the month the landowner is expected to close on the property.

Permits are expected to start being pulled in mid October.

The new Coastal North Town Center is expected to be completed in 2014.