Roads prepped for possible freezing rain in Pee Dee

Employees with the South Carolina Department of Transportation sprayed all primary roads and bridges with a salt brine mixture in Marlboro and Dillon counties Friday.

They also hit many well traveled secondary roads.

The salt brine will coat the roads and help to keep them from freezing.

Nearly 300 tons of salt is available to be spread on the roads, just in case of freezing rain.

DOT crews will be on-call throughout the night.

"To minimize the accidents that may occur if the roads get ice on them, to keep families safe, I have a family and wife that travel these roads too and that's my top priority to keep the traveling public safe," said Mitchell Carter.

Road teams pre-treated Interstate 95 in Dillon County.

Transportation officials will deploy extra trucks and crews to Marlboro and Dillon counties, if necessary.