Riding on a Penny projects still unfinished

Six years ago, voters in Horry County approved a penny tax to better roads in the county.

The tax was an additional penny on all retail sales, accommodations and prepared food and beverages.

Several of the projects on the Riding on a Penny list have not been started or completed, but the county says they're coming.

"We need to make sure that we get those permits, that we bid that job, we know how much that job is going to cost before we start the next one," said Horry County spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier.

Extending International Drive to Highway 90 is one of the projects on that list, but others that are still pending are ahead of it.

"We had been held up with the 707 widening project, which is actually holding up the other projects, because we're still waiting on the environmental permits from the Army Core of Engineers," said Bourcier.

The penny tax expires in May 2014, but the county can continue to use the money collected to finish the construction.

"It's not like construction will stop when the penny goes away, and we will be building into after 2014, into 2015 and maybe 2016 for these projects," said Bourcier.

You can check the progress of all of the road projects at this website