Riding horses to support heart disease

The 32nd Annual American Heart Association Beach Ride continued through Saturday with more than 1200 horses and riders completing a 20 mile ride from Lakewood Campground in Surfside Beach to Myrtle Beach and back.

The event raised more than $250,000.

For one group of riders on Saturday, the event had special meaning as they were riding for Noah Moore, now a year old, who was born with a congenital heart defect.

We first told you Noah's story last year, when his grandparents took place in the ride just days after their newborn grandson went into surgery. Noah's Mom Jenny said he underwent emergency surgery in Charleston to repair his heart.

"The moment that really sticks out in my head we were in the waiting room and his surgeon came in to tell us that everything had gone remarkable," Moore explained, "I remember just being in there you know completely overwhelmed with emotion and at the end just being like can I hug you and so I ran up and gave the surgeon the biggest hug."

This year, Noah made his first trip to the beach ride, just twelve months after his surgery and joined by Team Noah, made up of more than a dozen friends and family.

"I think about all the things that we've gone through and I wouldn't change it for the world. It's been a hard twelve months but it's been worth it every single moment," Moore explained.

Noah's story is now a chance for Moore to spread the word about heart conditions which affect millions of Americans.

"I hope that we can continue this journey that we were forced upon but have willingly accepted and that we can make this bigger and better and raise even more money so that less people will have to suffer."