Rides added, new logo for Freestyle Park

Freestyle Music Park is making some quick changes but the owners still plan to open in time for Memorial Day weekend.

The former Hard Rock Park on Wednesday announced new rides, a new logo and big plans for the future..

Four new children's rides are being added - all of them still under construction, in a new area that will be called "Kids in America".

Members of the Boys and Girls Club were there to help park officials unveil the new logo and plant a tree on Earth Day.

The park also announced a new kids foundation, that will provide tickets, merchandise and services for children's charities on the Grand Strand.

Park officials said part of the process of moving beyond the former Hard Rock Park will be rebranding all the rides that had names relating to popular music groups, like the Eagles and the Moody Blues.

"Really we had a great relationships with those groups and we certainly again are all about music, but this is going to allow us to go in our own direction with our own message," said the park's marketing director, John Stine.

Marketing the new park in such a short amount of time will be a challenge. Their planned opening is just a month away.

But Stine said they'll be working with local hotels and attractions to promote the park and they'll do an advertising blitz on TV, billboards and more to get their message out.

As for the future of the big Gibson guitar that was such a landmark for Hard Rock Park, Stine would only say, "Stay tuned."

The new kids area takes up part of what used to be Cool Country in Hard Rock Park.