Retirement Lost: Both Sides of Bahama Island

Dozens of people lost millions of dollars in a failed North Myrtle Beach condo project called Bahama Island.

The two main partners in the deal have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms. But before going to prison, one of them told his side of the story exclusively to NewsChannel 15.

Jeff Shoup pleaded guilty to fraud in the Bahama Island case, but he told us he's done nothing wrong.

"I was completely up front and honest. I didn't steal any deposit money. I wasn't trying to defraud anybody of any money," said Shoup. "I never have and I'll take any kind of polygraph to that effect."

But many investors who lost their retirement savings in the failed project have sued Shoup and former partner Tommy Hix for millions of dollars.

North Myrtle Beach attorney Randy Mullins represents 63 of those investors.

See what Mullins has to say and hear more from Jeff Shoup in the video above.