Retha Pierce Found Guilty of DUI

Retha Pierce in court on Friday for her 2012 Driving Under the Influence charge. She was found guilty.

A jury of 6 people found former Atlantic Beach Mayor Retha Pierce guilty of Driving Under the Influence.

Pierce was given the option of paying a $977 fine or completing 48 hours of community service. Pierce chose community service.

Pierce said she will appeal the decision but will complete the community service anyway because "I'm a community servant."

She has until June 25 to complete the community service.

The jury trial took place at Conway City Hall on Friday and stems from Pierce's 2012 Driving Under the Influence charge.

Pierce acted as her own attorney during the trial. She requested a jury trial in February of 2012 for this case.

Conway police arrested Pierce on Sunday, January 1, 2012 after a person called police and said there was a reckless driver at 9th Avenue and Main Street.

The person who called in the report gave a description of the SUV and a tag number. The caller said the SUV kept stopping in the road.

An officer responded and caught up with the car on 4th Avenue and observed the SUV on Main Street at a traffic light. The officer got behind the SUV, which police said was going very slowly. The officer reported the SUV straddled the dotted line and then stopped at a green light. When the SUV started to move again, the officer turned on his blue lights.

According to the report, the driver passed several areas where she could have pulled over, but continued going very slowly. The SUV started going over the Main Street bridge, and then stopped on the bridge.

The officer walked up to the vehicle and asked the driver for her license. She looked through her purse.

The officer asked her to move to the side of the road and then asked permission to move her SUV off the bridge. Another officer stopped traffic while the first officer moved the SUV.

The driver was then taken to her vehicle. The officer asked again for her driver's license. She found it and handed it to the officer. Retha Pierce's legal last name is Sturdivant, although she goes by Pierce.

The officer told Pierce he was going to check to see if she was OK to drive, noted that her eyes appeared to be glossy, and put her through a series of field sobriety tests.

The officer noted that Pierce was swaying while she was standing with her feet together.

The officer said Pierce was unable to keep balance while walking a straight line, but had also asked Pierce if she had any physical limitations. Pierce told the officer she often used a cane.

The officer arrested her for Driving Under the Influence, handcuffed her and put her in the police car.

According to the report, Pierce then asked for her purse, which the officer retrieved from her SUV. The officer searched the purse for weapons and noted in his report that there were three pill bottles in the purse, one for Flexeril (a muscle relaxant), one for Toradol (a pain reliever) and one for Percocet (a pain reliever).

Pierce was given a Blood Alcohol Content test and according to the report, her BAC was 0.00%. Pierce was asked if she would agree to a urine test. She told the officer she would only submit to the test if she was allowed to keep half of the urine. When told that she could not, she advised that she would like to pay for her own test. The officer said he would take her to Conway ER and they would not allow her to keep her urine. Pierce then said she would not give a sample.

Pierce faced several charges during her tenure as mayor including Disorderly Conduct, Trespassing and Hit-and-Run. All were eventually dropped.