Restaurant reopens after help from Food Network show

Chef Robert Irvine outside the restaurant talking to staff.

MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WPDE) - Georgetown County business reopened its doors Thursday night after getting a little help from a popular TV show on the Food Network. Chef Robert Irvine hosts "Restaurant Impossible." He and his team gave Old World Italian restaurant a makeover.

The concept of the show is simple. With $10,000 and two days of work, Chef Irvine tries to restore struggling restaurants and make them a success again.

Hours before Old World Italian restaurant was set to reopen in Murrells Inlet, there was a bit of frenzy outside.

It was hard to tell exactly what changes were happening inside, because the windows were covered. Crews brought in tables and chairs, and a crowd gathered in the parking lot.

Despite the cold weather, many people took pictures, hoping to get a glimpse of Irvine.

"I've gotten to see him several times already too, so it's been well worth it," said Margaret Wilson.

Wilson is a big fan of the show and actually met Irvine the last time he was in the state helping a restaurant in Chapin.

"It was cool. He's so nice. He's just so down to Earth, and I had to send him a tweet afterwards and let him know that it was nice to meet a celebrity that was so genuine, so caring, so interested to take the time to meet people and sign autographs. It was amazing," she explained.

Trixie Harrington also stopped by. She had her picture taken in front of the restaurant and hoped to see Irvine as well.

"He is real sincere, and he takes a restaurant and he just doesn't go in there and cut everything up, but he tries to restore the family," Harrington added.

As it got closer to the reopening, crews interviewed the owners before the big reveal. Diners lined up, anxious to get in.

"If you blink as you're driving past it, you'd miss it totally. So hopefully now they'll have more of a presence in the area. That'll be nice," said Wilson.

WPDE NewsChannel 15's camera wasn't allowed inside the restaurant to show all the changes that were made. As customers walked in, the owners welcomed them into a new and improved business.

A specific air date for their episode has not been revealed yet.

We'd like to hear from customers who ate at Old World Italian before and after the makeover. Please leave a comment below.