Residents say their town stinks

There have been three sewer cave-ins in the Town of Timmonsville in the past six months.

They're located on Tanyard, Keith, and Foxworth Streets.

Some residents say the ongoing problem has caused a stench throughout the town.

"It's bad, especially when the wind's blowing. Or you can even drive by and it's the same way," said Betty McAllister.

"If it were summertime right now, a person couldn't live on these streets because of these sewer smells," said Billy Fowler.

The residents have other concerns as well.

Fowler explained, "A lot of safety issues, sewer issues, water drinking. All of this sewer getting in our water . Nobody's knowing about it . Don't tell nobody about it."

The Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) says it is aware of the sewer cave-ins and is monitoring the situation.

It says the town is taking water samples to determine where high levels of fecal matter still remain.

DHEC wouldn't go into any further details.

"Why they can't get something done? What do our taxes pay for?" questioned McAllister.

Timmonsville Councilman Clarence Joe says old pipes are probably the cause for the cave-ins.

He says they don't have the manpower or money to fix the problem.

Joe says he's suggested bringing in outside crews to repair the problem, but he doesn't have the support of the full council.

Meanwhile, some residents say living in the town has become unbearable.

"It's pitiful here. Now really it's destroyed. It's totally pitiful around here," said Bobby McRae.

Our call to the Timmonsville Town Administrator hasn't been returned.