Residents reminded to "Know Your Zone"

Even though its been a quiet hurricane season in the Carolinas, Horry County Emergency Management wants to make sure those living in an evacuation zone know the proper procedures.

Emergency Management officials are hosting several town hall meetings to remind people to "Know Your Zone." Horry County has three evacuation zones, starting at the coast and moving inland to Highway 31.

Karen Avila is new to South Carolina and attended the meeting to learn what to do during a hurricane.

"I wanted to know if something happens where should I go, what should I do," said Avila.

Others residents attended the meeting just to learn more about how to keep their property and family safe. "I felt it was important to come out, learn what I can, I also have three kids at home and a wife," said Alex Kramer.

The Emergency Management presentation also covered how to stay prepare for a storm and how to go about cleaning up once the weather has passed.

WPDE Newschannel 15 has everything you need to "Know Your Zone" and track hurricanes in Hurricane Central.