Residents of Myrtle Beach motel evicted

Dozens of people who were living at the Golden Sands Inn in Myrtle Beach are homeless as of Wednesday night.

According to city spokesman Mark Kruea, this all happened because the manager of the motel, Mohamed Abdou, requested on Wednesday morning that the city to shut off the water.

Since the motel no longer has a working water and sewer system, the city deemed the building uninhabitable. On Wednesday morning, residents were told that they needed to have all of their belongings out by 5 pm.

"What, am I going to sleep on the bridge tonight? Sleep on the sand tonight?" said George Cullen.

This eviction was also particularly tough for one man who lives at the motel.

"Two days ago I had to go to the ER. They admitted me to the ER. I got sickle cell. I've only been there two days, and I just got a phone call saying we had to be out by five o'clock. I got my discharge paper right here," Charles Greene.

Since Friday, Golden Sands Inn tenants have been at the mercy of the property owner and Abdou. Kruea says there was an agreement between Mr. Abdou and the property owner for him to be out by July 12.

However, Abdou decided to leave earlier and asked the city to shut off the water. Kruea says it's now up to the property owners to take care of the water service, but the property owner's daughter says it's not her family's dilemma.

"The city came in and cut the water off, and there is nothing more that I can do. I'm just one of the daughters. That I'm supposed to come here to make sure if people are leaving at five o'clock," said Christie Hucks.

Residents, like Greene and Cullen, say this eviction comes at a bad time, because it's a day before the Fourth of July. They say nearby hotel rates are higher than usual, which makes it difficult for them to find anything affordable.

It's not clear what will happen to residents if they are found living in the closed motel, but the city said they could face jail time.