Reports of male sexual assault expected to rise in 2012

In January 2011, the Rape Crisis Center of Horry and Georgetown Counties' statistics suggested that one out of 33 men have experienced attempted or completed sexual assault at some point in their lifetime.

But the center expects that number to increase in the new year.

"In light of the recent national news that has exposed sexual assault scandals targeting male victims, that statistic may look very different in 2012," said the center's Sexual Assault Counselor Christina Toth in a news release.

Since the sexual abuse allegations at Penn State University and Syracuse University, more men have contacted the center for services.

"The cultural climate is shifting to favor an environment in which more men are willing to report their assault experiences and receive appropriate support."

Students of Penn State University created a fundraiser to help victims of sexual assault in November, and since the campaign to benefit the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network(RAINN), the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline's has seen a 54 percent increase in people receiving support services.

Eleven cases of male sexual abuse have been reported to the Children's Recovery Center of Horry and Georgetown Counties since the Penn State sexual abuse allegations first occurred in early November. There were 37 cases from July 1st to December 31st, while there were 32 cases from January 1st to June 31st of last year.

The children's advocate organization National Children's Alliance collects the national number of rape reports every six months. Their updated statistics will be released later this month.