Reported assault leads to standoff at Socastee home

Thursday afternoon a reported assault led to a standoff that lasted a couple hours at an Horry County home.

Just before 5 p.m. Horry County police responded to an assault and attempted sexual assault at a home on Aquarius Drive in Crystal Lake mobile home park near Myrtle Beach, according to Sgt. Robert Kegler with Horry County police.

When officers arrived, the suspect was not at the scene. Officers knew the general area where he lived so they headed to Laurel Woods subdivision off Highway 707 just north of Bay Road.

"While officers were trying to verify the address for the suspect they heard what they believed to be muffled gunshots," Kegler explained.

Once police confirmed the suspect's address with the management company, they set up a perimeter. The SWAT team and negotiators were called to the scene.

For nearly two hours officers tried to make contact with the suspect to no avail, according to Kegler.

"Due to the fact that we heard gunshots and there may be somebody hurt inside the home. Once SWAT team was fully set up they made entry into the home where they located the suspect who was suffering from a gunshot wound," added Kegler.

The suspect was taken from the home on a stretcher and he was breathing at the time, according to Kegler. No word yet on his current condition.

No one else was inside the home, according to Kegler. Two dogs were removed.