Red Cross reaching out to Windsor Green fire victims

After the fire at the Windsor Green Condominiums started Saturday, the Red Cross sprung into action. They opened a shelter for the fire victims at a school. It's been moved to Beach Church in Myrtle Beach off George Bishop Parkway.

When they opened this afternoon, victims hadn't show up yet, but volunteers are ready to help anyone with the assistance they need.

Earlier volunteers unloaded supplies from their disaster truck into a building adjacent to Beach Church. They included cases of bottled water, ice, and snacks.

If you are a victim of the Windsor Green fire you need to go to the back of the church into the building that says "Adventure Beach."

The Red Cross called in teams from across the state to come help with the relief effort. If people need a place to stay they can go there.

"We will be having cots. We'll have comfort kits for people that have lost their personal items, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, things like that. We'll have those kits available for people as well that don't have that. So we're going to try to make it as comfortable as we can. It's not home and it's not going to be home but it's as comfortable as we can possibly make it," said Red Cross volunteer Mary Bos. She drove up Sunday from Charleston to help provide assistance.

"We will also be having a service center opened here tomorrow so that people who have found other places to stay temporarily can come to this place this location and get their paperwork done. We'll open a case on them, we will assist them with finding alternate housing, getting medications that may have been lost," added Bos. "There's a couple here from Canada that lost their passport, all of these things we're going to be assisting every individual that needs it."

Bos has volunteered with the Red Cross for nearly a decade. She said anyone can become a victim of a fire, "you should always have your items in order. Important papers some place where, you know maybe even offsite. Renters insurance is very very important and some people think 'well I don't have much' but when you lose it, it's everything."

The Red Cross set up a hotline for people who need assistance. Call (843) 477-0020.

If you have not already checked in as a resident, you are asked to call (843) 997-6970. You will need to provide your name and unit number at Windsor Green Condos.