Recent Craigslist-linked armed robbery doesn't stop avid users

A man was arrested for armed robbery Sunday after the victim said he was robbed by a man who offered a cell phone for sale on Craigslist. Dawan Thompson, 23, was arrested for armed robbery with a deadly weapon.

Avid Craigslist users Barbara and Peter Bulzomi have bought lots of stuff from the website.

"Basically the entire house is from Craigslist," said Peter.

She's bought items from light fixtures to her dogs off the popular website. With making several purchases a month, does Barbara ever get worried that something will go wrong?

"I bring my husband with me just for safety, but we've really run into nice people," said Barbara.

Safety depends on the type of items you're buying, say the Bulzomis.

"You just have to use common sense and never go anywhere alone," said Barbara.

They suggest being careful when buying electronics or valuables.