Reality TV veteran, filmmaker wants to bring film business to the Pee Dee

Sergio Myers, a South Carolina native and owner/founder of 7Ponies Productions INC., and Surging Media Group is looking to establish a new film festival andfilmmaking/TV workshops and set up satellite offices in the Darlington or Florence area.

As a director-producer, Myers has won over 70 awards in DRTV Advertising and film in just the last 4 years. "I believe this will inspire people by establishing the South Carolina Film Festival along with sharing the knowledge and experience I've gained over the past 17 years. If a poor boy who grew up picking tobacco can fulfill all of his dreams then I believe you can too" says Myers. "I hope to secure the support of the communities and leaders to make the film festival possible, otherwise it will never work."

Sergio Myers is the Creator-Executive Producer of the first ever all female docu-soap series MTV's Sorority Life and Executive Producer-Director of the resent hit documentary TV series 'Croc Catchers' for National Geographic.

Myers is also a filmmaker, his feature zombie flick 'the Zombinator' starring Patrick Kilpatrick and Joseph Aviel was picked up by Shoreline Entertainment and has recently premiered in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The U.S. release is set for early 2014.

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