Reality TV brings business to Myrtle Beach

With Eastbound and Down being filmed at the Pelican's baseball stadium, MTV Teen Moms getting married in Myrtle beach, and TLC's latest hit show Myrtle Manor, there's no doubt that the Myrtle Beach area has been seen on TVs all across the country.

Myrtle Beach area businesses are beginning to see the effects of all of this TV exposure.

"It allowed us to get some of those additional sales that we wouldn't have gotten had the merman stuff not been here," Dan Bailey, merchandise manager at the Pelican's Pro Shop said.

The Pelican's Pro Shop carries a variety of Mermen merchandise from the show Eastbound and Down.

Patrick's Mobile Home Park, also known as Myrtle Manor, just got a permit to start selling merchandise. Owner Cecil Patrick expects a shipment of T-shirts to arrive Thursday.

MTV Teen Mom Leah Messer also brought some business to Lover's Lanes drive-thru wedding service in Myrtle Beach when she got married through them last year.

Since then, owner Larry Gross says his wife has presided over more weddings than ever before.

"She got a huge amount of phone calls, I mean, just huge amounts of phone calls. She booked, I think, 3-5 weddings that day and there's just a huge amount coming in. And that's just from her talking on TV," Gross said.

Both Gross and Bailey said this is good for Myrtle Beach's economy.

"I mean, if it brings more tourists in, brings more money, I mean, it's better for hotels, better for restaurants, better for us, better for everybody," Gross said.

"I think it's exciting. It draws attention to Myrtle. Can't beat it," Bailey said.