Real life pet detectives on mission to find Dillon dog

Pet detective June Queen searching for missing dog Chip.

A search is ongoing for a missing Cocker Spaniel out of Dillon.

Two-year-old Chip went missing from the home of its owner on McLean Drive nearly six weeks ago.

A contractor doing work at Joni Leviner's home accidentally left a gate open and Chip got away.

Leviner called Lost Pet Professionals after searching day and night for Chip.

"I was pretty much at my witts end I guess. And I tried everything it had been so many weeks. He's a scared little dog. He's timid, he runs from anybody. So I thought my best way of finding him was the well-trained nose of another canine. So I set out in search of someone that will help me find my missing dog," said Leviner.

Pet detective June Queen tracked Chip's scent to an area in West Dillon near the railroad tracks off of Cedar Street.

"Yes, we had a hit. Actually, a good one. The dogs agree that this is Chip that we're checking out here on the railroad tracks. We have case structure. We have purpose behind what we do and we start at an given area, a point of escape. And we start there. We go to the most recent sighting. We do things in order. And we do them for a reason. And because of this case structure, we do have a higher success rate. We don't just blindly walk around the dog. We have a reason for doing what we do," said Queen.

Queen traveled from Tennessee with her three K9 partners to help search for Chip.

She added Chip is skittish and that's not making the search any easier.

"Chip is what we referred to as a STARS dog. That's an acronym that stands for Shy Timid Aloof Reserve and Skittish. Dogs like that fall back on their instincts pretty quickly. Chip likely is a full on STARS dog. He is shy and timid. So he has the characteristics and is likely the kind that will not approach or allow himself to be approached," explained Queen.

She said even though Monday's search didn't lead to Chip's recovery, they've gained invaluable information to help with continued efforts.

Queen explained, "We define an area where the dog is roaming. We can put up a perimeter if you will, a boundary. And say the dog is here. At that point, we put up an full on sign campaign, get as many sightings as we can as quickly as we can to determine the travel path and then we can start and attract and capture plan. Using feeding stations, live traps, enclosure traps, whatever we need to do in order to bring the dog home."

Leviner is hoping Lost Pet Professionals will help bring Chip back home.

"My hope is today that they'll be able to track him and find where he is. And we'll be able to bring him home," said Leviner.

Leviner is offering a $500 reward for information leading to Chip's recovery.