Ready, set, shop... Tax-free!

South Carolina's tax-free weekend is officially underway. Shoppers can avoid paying taxes on everything from school supplies and computers to clothing and shoes.

The event started at 12:01 a.m. Friday and ends at midnight on Sunday, according to the Department of Revenue.

NewsChannel 15 spent time at the new Target store off Highway 544 in Horry County before it opened Friday morning. Employees were making sure they'd be ready for crowds of shoppers.

"This is our first tax free weekend so we don't know exactly what to expect but we are definitely expecting a busy weekend," team leader Danielle Flores said.

Most shoppers seemed to be going out for the school supplies and clothes, Flores added.

Other popular items include everything from glue sticks and scissors, to backpacks and jump drives. Target, like many retailers, also is including lists of school supplies needed for each local school and grade.

Altogether, K-12 spending will reach $30.3 billion. Add in college spending and the amount comes to $83.8 billion, the National Retail Federation says.

Items that aren't exempt are cameras, cell-phones, music players, stereo equipment, sunglasses and wallets.

Click here for a complete list of tax-free items.

States offering summertime sales-tax breaks:

State Dates Eligible items (maximum cost)


August 3-5

Clothing (up to $100); computers and software (up to $750); school supplies (up to $50); books (up to $30)


August 4-5

Clothing (up to $100); clothing accessories or equipment (up to $50); school supplies


August 19-25

Clothing and footwear (up to $300)


August 3-5

Clothing (up to $75); school supplies (up to $15);


August 10-11

Computers (up to $1,000); clothing (up to $100); school supplies (up to $20);


August 3-4

Clothing and footwear (up to $100)


August 3-4

All tangible personal property items -- except vehicles and meals (up to $2,500)


August 12-18

Clothing and footwear (up to $100)


July 27-28

Clothing and footwear (up to $100)


August 3-5

Clothing (up to $100); computers and computer peripherals (up to $3,500); computer software (up to $350); school supplies (up to $50)

New Mexico

August 3-5

Clothing and footwear (up to $100); computers (up to $1,000); computer peripherals (up to $500); book bags, backpacks, maps and globes (up to $100); handheld calculators (up to $200)

North Carolina

August 3-5

Clothing (up to $100); school supplies (up to $100); instructional material (up to $300); computers (up to $3,500); computer supplies (up to $250); sports and recreational equipment (up to $50)


August 3-5

Clothing and footwear (up to $100)

South Carolina

August 3-5

Clothing and footwear; clothing accessories; school supplies; computers; printers; printer supplies; computer software; bed and bath linens, shower curtains and pillows.


August 3-5

Clothing, school supplies and art supplies (up to $100); computers (up to $1,500)


August 17-19

Clothing, footwear, and backpacks (up to $100)


August 3-5

Clothing and footwear (up to $100); school supplies (up to $20)

Source: Federation of Tax Administrators and CCH.

Note: Applies to state taxes. City, county or any other local sales tax may still apply. Check your state's Department of Revenue website for details.