Ready or not! Bikers are back on the Grand Strand

Engines are already roaring for the 73rd annual Cruisin' The Coast Spring Harley Rally on the Grand Strand.

The owner of Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson is expecting more than 300,000 motorcycle riders to pass through the Myrtle Beach area throughout the 10-day rally.

For more than seven decades, motorcyclists from all over the world have descended on the Grand Strand for the rally.

"It's one of the longest running rallies, and we're excited to see it coming back this year," said Sarah George with Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson.

Although the official start isn't until May 13, some riders are already showing up.

Lance Cpl. Sonny Collins, with the South Carolina Highway Patrol, says it's crucial that everyone on the road drive safely.

"This is when both people need to do their jobs. We need both motorists and motorcyclists to do their part," Collins said.

Motorists should expect bikers everywhere, Collins said, so check your blind spots and be aware.

As for bikers, Collins suggests driving defensively - and having a plan in place should someone pull out in front of you.

"The most common collision that we're going to see for motorcycles are going to be vehicles making a left turn in front of them or pulling out of a driveway in front of them, and that's why it's so important to make sure you judge that motorcycle's speed before you make any of those maneuvers."

David Kunst is back for his 4th rally, and says he's constantly thinking about his safety and that of his fellow riders. "My number one rule is to always watch out for the cars, and always be aware of your surroundings."

Troopers will be making sure everyone does the same. "We're going to have troopers at local hot spots to try to help pedestrians, motorcyclists, motorists get through safely because that's the end goal, get everyone down here for the rally, get everyone home safely," Collins said.

If you see anyone driving erratically or impaired do not hesitate to dial *HP on your cell phone to report it.

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