Rare antique revolver sells in Aynor for $20,000

Ed Burris had a Pawn Stars moment recently. The Aynor auctioneer and antiques dealer is a fan of the History Channel show about a Las Vegas pawn shop that deals in rare and often quirky items.

So Burris was ready to make a deal, when he was contacted by a Myrtle Beach man to sell on consignment a rare 1890 model Colt nickel-plated revolver, one of only four of its kind made by the iconic firearms manufacturer.

Burris has documentation from the company authenticating the rarity of the gun.

"You never know what walks in the door or whatever somebody calls and has, so we're excited to have it," Burris said.

Burris put the revolver up for auction on his website several weeks ago and also made it available for sale to local bidders through his in-house auction company. Then he waited for bids to roll in. The winning bid was $20,000, from a retired Army officer and gun collector who Burris says is reluctant to reveal personal information about himself.

"I sold it to a Colonel Hahn of Texas. That's all I can release."

Burris planned to ship the .45 caliber revolver to its new owner Tuesday (making sure the package was heavily insured), after keeping it in a bank safety deposit box for the past few weeks while it was up for sale.

Burris is no stranger to antique firearms. An 1873 Winchester repeater rifle, worth perhaps $2,000, came into Burris' store from one of his regular customers Tuesday. But the rare Colt revolver is by far the most valuable gun he's ever sold over several decades in business.

As highly-valued as it is in its present condition, Burris said the gun might have brought an even higher price, if it had been in slightly better shape.

"If it had been nickeled all the way through and not worn off on the side some, and the pitting a little bit around the back, it could have brought several thousand more dollars."